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After 25 years of activity in Europe, Acmecoolant decided to start its activities in the Iranian market years back. With an outstanding resume in the field of design and production of cooling cycles and industrial refrigeration units, Acmecoolant agreed to be a part of an international holding, Dina, in Iran. Acmecoolant’s policy and motto in the Iranian Market is just like anywhere else in the world; Focus on detail, insure quality of production and aftersales services to gain customer satisfaction and trust.

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Commercial area Implementation

Hypermarket Implementation

Supermarket Implementation


We have successfully been able to be more green than ever during the last 5 years and we have reach 32 percent less electricity consumption among our competitors. We have been awarded with the following certifications in the European Market:

ISO 9001 from DQS in Germany and IQ-NET Europe

ISO 14001 Green activities

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No.5, Shaghayegh, Shafi Street, Artesh Highway, Aqdasieh, Tehran, Iran
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