There are many factors that are important in production of a Cold Room. Below are some of the important points we consider:

Type of goods that is going to be stored in the Cold Room
The number of goods delivery per day
Volume of the goods stored at once

These factors make a huge difference in order to choose the right thickness of sandwich panels, and also the cooling system. Our cold rooms come in different sizes and shapes. Based on the client’s needs we can have shelving and other accessories in inside the cold rooms.

As another need in the market Acmecoolant decided to add cold rooms to its list of productions. In the Iranian market, specifically, industrial cold rooms have a high demand, but low amount of local supply. This was the first reason for Acmecoolant to allocate a team of researchers and designers to this section since a few years ago and now Acmecoolant is one of the strongest producers of Cold Rooms in the market.

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