We are Determined in Our Mission

By relying on education, upgrading our team’s skills, and also setting the bar higher for quality, we have taken a step further in order to extend our activities, and we have been able to double our production within the last two years. We are determined, by utilizing academic management, and relying on experienced man power, give meaning to expansion and innovation. With effort, we are trying to stabilize our place in the industrial and commercial refrigerator and freezer industry.

Design and Production

There is a direct relation between our list of production and our design services. Since our products are offered in different sizes and shapes and also can be custom made into the clients’ needs, our designers are easily able to give the best possible option of design and planogram to our clients.

High Verity in Production

Acmecoolant has a high verity in production of industrial refrigeration and freezer. Flat glass and curved glass serve over counters, vertical cabins, self-service counters, horizontal showcases and deep freezers are in the list of our most important products. These cabin can be custom made into different sizes and colors based on the client’s need. Each one the mentioned products are produced for a specific reason. Our serve over counters are best to be mixed with hot cabin in order to have a full set of display for fresh food. Moreover, our vertical cabins is best to offer packed goods. It is important to add that our freezer production line is also as strong as our refrigeration cabins and cooling cycles. All above have the ability to be used in one cycle next to each other and we can easily have a central cooling system for the whole area.

Environment is Our Concern

We feel responsible for the future of our nature and energy sources. To illustrate, not only our productions are efficient in terms of energy usage, but also they leave the least amount of pollution and they fit the environment. Environmental hygiene and standards have always been the foundations of our work.

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